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How it all began...

I am an artist, art therapist, and mental health counselor who discovered a passion for bead weaving after the birth of my daughter, Persephone. I had turned my painting room into the nursery and needed to find a new creative outlet that didn’t take up much space, could tolerate frequent interruptions, and was neither toxic nor messy. One afternoon while Persephone was napping, I was suddenly inspired to turn a stick I had collected on one of our nature walks into a “magic” wand. I had this vision of somehow being able to weave beads around one end of the stick but had no idea how to do it. A quick internet search led me to discover the world of bead weaving so I taught myself a few stitches and have been hooked ever since.

It makes perfect sense that my bead weaving journey began with a magic wand because for me, bead weaving is magical! It is a an alchemical combination of technical skill, creative inspiration, and embodied awareness. With only a needle and thread, tiny seeds of glass are transformed into tapestries of symbolic images and graceful movement. All my designs are original (not for reproduction or imitation) and are inspired by the Divine Feminine, Mother Nature, and my own experiences of womanhood and motherhood. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted by me using high quality Japanese glass seed beads, resulting in heirloom-quality adornments.

As a board certified art therapist I believe in the healing and transformative potential held within an art object. My intention as I create each pair of earrings is that they will imbue the wearer with a sense of her own creative essence and facilitate the outer expression of her inner beauty